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Career education is broken. Let's fix it.

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What We Do

YouX is training that prepares students to make important decisions about life beyond school. YouX replaces old and outmoded linear career path planning with a revolutionary method already used by millions of professionals worldwide.

Finally, career education that’s about work.

Imagine that!

Using a real workplace method, in school.

YouX: Immediate Impact

We take a different approach, one that is in-line with how the world works. With YouX, students use the tool and apply the method to their lives immediately.

Yes, they can test their ideas – today!

Whether it’s in the workplace or in the classroom, YouX gets students interacting with their teacher, other young people, and the workplace from the start.  Through interactive challenges, in-class facilitation, online support and YouX Days, young people are able to learn about work – in real time – and make decisions about life beyond school.

Model, Test, and Do – Today

Are you ready to have an immediate impact on young people’s lives?



No more select and wait.

Traditional career planning programs train young people to believe the workplace is stable and unchanging, and that they will likely go on to work in the field of study they “planned” for. 

We know that’s not true. 

In fact, only 27% of students actually go on to work in their field of study. With traditional career planning programs, it’s hard to know if you’re really helping young people to make good decisions about life beyond school, because careers often start years after school is over.

The Book

YouX – 2019 Edition

Randi Millard, a K-12 career education educator was tired of delivering boring, unengaging, computer-based career content that really didn’t talk about work or prepare students to make decisions about life beyond school. She knew she could no longer use the old, outdated, and outmoded “select-and-wait method” called career planning any longer.  She needed a way to engage more students at one time, have more authentic conversations, and get students to act on their decisions─today.

When Randi undertook Business Model You® training with Dr. Clark, the two discovered a strong common commitment to improving secondary level career education. The result was the workbook:

YouX: A Simple Method for Making Decisions About Life Beyond School


“Preparing my students for a dynamic, constantly changing workplace is the best way to support them to make decisions. YouX helps me do this.”

-Sarah, Career Advisor

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Figuring out work and life isn't easy. Let us help your students prepare for their future.

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