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About Us

Career education is broken, and here is what we are doing about it.

Our Story

The YouX Curriculum imparts an experiential understanding of how organizations operate and what people actually do at work. It does this with a visual tool called the Work Model Canvas.  

The Canvas was developed and refined over more than a decade by Professor Yves Pigneur of the University of Lausanne and his colleague Alexander Osterwalder. It is a robust tool that has undergone extensive construct validation and empirical testing. Today it is used by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide, ranging from the Canadian government to Google, General Electric, and Stanford University. Though it is widely used in government, nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and corporations, its use in education has until now been largely limited to graduate business schools.

Seeing the potential for broader use of the Canvas, Dr. Timothy Clark, a colleague of Drs. Pigneur and Osterwalder, adapted the Canvas to create a career development methodology. This method was described in the global bestseller Business Model You (2012), co-created with Drs. Pigneur and Osterwalder, which has been published in 19 languages to date. 

When K-12 career educator and curriculum developer Randi Millard undertook Business Model You® training with Dr. Clark, the two discovered a strong common commitment to improving secondary level career education. The result was Business Model Youth and the YouX Curriculum.

Student Testimonials

“I have always thought about the things I would like to do, but YouX helps me act on my ideas.”

Stephanie, high school senior, USA

“I have a job, but for the first time, I am learning about how it works.”

Jamie, college student, UK

“YouX helps me to talk to my parents and school counselors about doing things that are important to me at work and in life.”

Hannah, high school freshman, USA

“Building Work Models and testing my ideas is much more helpful than sitting at a computer.”


Jacob, high school junior, the Netherlands

YouX Creators

Randi A. Millard

. . . is an advocate for a modern approach to work education that recognizes the prevalence of non-linear career paths. She works with schools and students throughout the world using the Business Model Methodology and Work Model Canvas. She has served as career and curriculum director for school districts in Detroit, Michigan, and Cleveland, Ohio. She has also taught in the El Paso Public School Systems and has lived, worked, and schooled her four children in the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. She holds a Masters of Education and a Masters of Organization Development, and she is a Certified Practitioner of the Business Model You® method.

Dr. Timothy Clark

. . . is an educator, entrepreneur, and the creator of the Business Model You® work reinvention methodology. He earned undergraduate, masters, and doctorate degrees from Stanford University, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Hitotsubashi University, and has authored or edited six books on personal development, business models, and entrepreneurship, including Business Model You, Business Models for Teams, and Business Model Generation, which together have sold more than one million copies in 30 languages.

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