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YouX – 2019 Edition

A Simple Method for Making Decisions About Life Beyond School

In The Book

Most workers today learned about life after school in much the way you have been: through career path planning. The one and only aim of career path planning is to prepare you for a single type of work within a single organization, industry, or field. Can you imagine trying to find that “one and only” career path in the modern workplace??


What Career Educators and Young People Say

Young people want the security of making wise post-secondary learning decisions, yet they understand that changes in the workplace outpace the ability of universities and other post-secondary learning institutions to adapt. Both career educators and young people say they want a method and tool that is actually used in the workplace and:

  • links self and work exploration to life beyond school;
  • supports self-adaptation to meet the needs of ever-changing workplace conditions;
  • acknowledges that work transcends job titles or tasks, and teaches how work works; and
  • is relevant and transferable to all workplaces.

The YouX career curriculum’s goal is to prepare young people for work that does not yet exist—and to teach them to be comfortable with this unknown (hence the “X”). They know they will have to adapt again and again to stay current. And to make good decisions, they will need to learn to build robust work models that touch both the head and the heart of their lives. 

Imagine enabling young people to move from “career paths” to Work Models—or from “finding jobs” to using their own skills and interests and being compensated for creating and delivering value. These are the critical shifts in thinking enabled by theYouX curriculum and YouX: A Simple Method for Making Decisions About Life Beyond School.

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Download a sample of YouX: A Simple Method for Making Decisions about Life Beyond School now! The full-color, 61-page letter-size PDF file is in landscape format with facing pages: lefthand pages have even numbers, righthand pages have odd numbers.

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