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We want you to get the maximum benefit from your Work Models, so let’s explore the world and all of its work and life possibilities. Use the suggested resources to help you explore, learn more, practice, test, and do your Work models – put them into action!


YouX Tools

  • Work Model Canvas – The Biggie – 36×24
  • Work Model Canvas – The Table Top – A4
  • Work Model Canvas – The Frames – A4

YouX Achor Texts

  • Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers
  • Business Model for Teams: See How Your Organization Really Works and How Each Person Fits in

YouX Tools

YouX Anchor Texts

Business Model You: A One-Page Method For Reinventing Your Career

Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers

Business Models for Teams: See How Your Organization Really Works and How Each Person Fits In

Exploration Resources

16 Personalities

This site provides a “personality” (or preference) assessment that returns a 4-letter code similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Users will answer questions and be provided with free, detailed information about their type with the option to explore all 16 types. There is a strong “Our Theory” page that describes how the assessment was created and where to go for additional information.

21st Century Skills

These 13 YouTube videos from the Department of Labor focus on 21st century skills, or the soft skills needed to succeed, including “Skills to Pay the Bills”.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) K-12

This simplified version of the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) features games and quizzes, student resources such as career information, resources for teachers such as classroom activities, an interactive timeline of the history of BLS, and other resources.

California CareerZone

This is a career exploration and planning system designed especially for students in California. A comparable site is available for residents of New York. Either site can be used as a resource by others. The Make Money Choices section is an introduction to the concept of how much money is needed for life after high school.

What’s important to you in a job? Discover how much you value achievement, independence, recognition, relationships, support, and working conditions in a job. Get a list of jobs that reflect your values.


CareerShip® is an online career exploration adventure for middle school and high school students. It is a product of Mapping Your Future, a public-service website providing free career, college, financial aid, and money management information and services.


Careers.Org is a source for employment, job search, and career education information around the world. It includes detailed information about more than 1,000 occupations, including wages, skills, and links to corresponding college programs and career, job, and educational resources for states, cities, and counties in the United States, Canadian Provinces, and international countries.

Career Trek

Career Trek is intended help to Canadian citizens discover their career and education potential. A Planning Resource can be downloaded at:


This website has information, tools, and links to resources to help anyone between the ages of 16 and 24 to make a training plan. Information is also available in Spanish. The site is based on actions such as finding a career you like, finishing high school, getting work experience, writing a resume, getting a job, getting training, and more.

Junior Achievement

JA brings volunteers from the community into the classroom to deliver proven, hands-on programming in financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship that can inspire students to understand the opportunities provided by education.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This is the “go to site” for comprehensive information on occupations and their requirements. Occupational information can be searched by several criteria, such as wages, education level, training, and job growth. The handbook is updated and produced every two years by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the official agency responsible for collecting and analyzing occupational information.

O*NET Online

This site contains both summary and detailed information on occupations in the U.S.  It also allows users to search for information by various criteria such as job family, industry, skills, knowledge, interests, green jobs, bright outlook occupations, and several others. The site is maintained by the federal government, is updated frequently, and contains state and national wage information, occupational projections, related occupations, and opportunities for more information from professional and trade associations. It is considered to be the basic occupational information for various other websites and career guidance systems.

O*NET Career Exploration Tools

These instruments will help individuals identify their work-related interests and what they consider important work.  

O*Net Interest Profiler

The O*Net Interest Profiler is an assessment of client interests based on Holland’s theory (RIASEC). This webpage has direct links to the four forms of the interest profiler, including a 60-question web-based version, a 30-question mobile-friendly version, a paper-and-pencil hand-scored version, and downloadable software. A Spanish Language version of the online assessment can be found at

Personal Globe Inventory

This interest assessment was created by Arizona State University to help students and clients match interests to occupations and college majors.

Student Interest Survey for Career Clusters

This site is a career guidance tool that allows students to respond to questions and identify the top three Career Clusters of interest based on their responses. This pencil-and-paper survey can be printed and takes about fifteen minutes to complete and can be used in the classroom or for presentations with audiences who have an interest in career exploration. The survey is available in both English and Spanish.

Virginia View Career Town

This site includes career- and occupation-related games for elementary school students, with resources for parents and professionals.

What Can I Do With a Major In...?

This site links college majors to occupations. It also includes a video library, salary calculator, and information on major industries in the U.S. economy.

Who Do U Want 2B?

This site includes information on California high school and community college courses, career options, and financial assistance.

YouthRules! Preparing the 21st Century Workforce

YouthRules! is an initiative designed to increase public awareness of federal and state laws concerning young workers. Through the YouthRules! initiative, the U.S. Department of Labor and its partners seek to promote positive and safe work experiences that help prepare young workers in the 21st century workforce. Content on the site includes knowing the rules, finding support, news and resources, and teen work stories.

After College

This site includes a job board geared specifically to entry-level positions. You can search by academic major and graduation date.

Work It Daily

The blogs on this site tend to focus on tips and suggestions for people new to the workforce.


This site is focused specifically on internships and “young careerists.”  YouTern also has a blog and weekly Twitter chat.

80,000 Hours

80,000 Hours is a London-based organisation that conducts research on which careers have the largest positive social impact and provides career advice based on that research. It provides this advice on their website and podcast, and through one-on-one advice sessions.

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