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YouX Challenge

Model Short and Dream Long

Model Short and Dream Long 

Our Model Short and Dream Long Manifesto is not driven by time.


It’s about what you do with time.

Model Short and Dream Long

Model Short – build and test often the models of who you are, both in work and life; be willing to adjust to the opportunities that are presented from modeling, adjusting, and testing frequently.

Dream Long –many models will lead to your long dreams or imagined future; do the experiences you see yourself having.

Be willing to:


Start where you are today, work in the present, test your future, and do – take action.


You belong; there is a workplace for everyone.

Open Up

Open yourself up to possibilities; let others see what you’re thinking and help you do the things you want to do.

Question Everything

Question everything, including yourself; work to distinguish the difference between the assumptions, opinions, and facts that are a part of your model.

Be Brave and Wise

Be brave, model the work you want to do, and wisely adapt your models as the world changes around you.


Adapt the models of who you are before you are forced to make rush decisions.

Make Decisions

Make decisions based on the kind of work and life you want beyond school.